We are living in a world that is connected with real interaction with real people, but we spend ever more increasing amount of time on the Internet, creating this virtual world that deals with pretty much everything we do in real life. We constantly engage and interact with each other through this virtual space, and the current technology have gotten to the point where we can virtually navigate real life street and see what's out there without bothering to go out and actually see. Virtual City is a visualization of the current topography of this virtual world called the World Wide Web. Using Google Sketch-up Pro, Rhinoceros and 3d printing, virtualized real-life buildings were re-realized, combined with the initials of the most well established communities on the Internet. The heights of the individual buildings reflect on the estimated unique monthly visitors of the web site that was combined with the building, thus creating an illustration of combined structures of virtual and real world. Each individual structure sits on top of a keyboard, where the interaction of the virtual and real world takes place.
Initials of the web sites referenced and buildings used came from the following;

Estimated unique monthly visitors based on http://www.ebizmba.com/ (May, 2012)

Q for qq - 250,000,000 (1585 Broadway, New York, NY USA)
W for Wikipedia - 350,000,000 (Gherkin, ‪30 St Mary Axe‬ ‪City of London, London EC3A, UK‬)
E for Ebay - 88,000,000 (Grand Central Terminal ‪87 E 42nd St, Manhattan, NY 10017‬ USA)
R for Reuter - 17,000,000 (No Base)
T for Twitter - 250,000,000 (New Museum 235 Bowery, New York, NY USA)
Y for Yahoo - 160,000,000 (Rhode Island School of Design Library, 15 Westminster Street, Providence, RI USA)
I for N/A (No Base)
I for IMDB - 80,000,000 (No Base)
O for Orkut - 66,000,000 (No Base)
P for People - 22,000,000 (No Base)
A for Ask - 210,000,000 (Flat Iron, 175 5th ave New York, NY USA)
S for soso - 140,000,000 (Beijing Bell Tower ‪Gulou West Street, Dongcheng, Beijing, China)
D for digg - 200,000,000 (50 Kenedy Plaza Providence, RI USA)
F for Facebook - 750,000,000 (Empire State Building ‪350 5th Avenue‬ ‪New York, NY USA)‬
G for Google - 900,000,000 (1 World Trade Center )
H for hulu - 40,000,000 (No Base)
J for N/A (No Base)
K for N/A (No Base)
L for Lycos - 4,300,000 (No Base)
Z for Zinga - 27,000,000 (No Base)
X for N/A (No Base)
C for Craigslist - 160,000,000 (Plaza Hotel, Fifth Avenue at Central Park South, New York, NY USA)
V for Vimeo - 16,950,000 (No Base)
B for Bing - 230,000,000 (London Guarantee Building 150 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL USA)
N for netflix - 55,800,000 (No Base)
M for MSN - 450,000,000 (No Base)

This piece was first presented at the 3D Print Show, London, October 19-22. 2012
Digital Media Show, Granoff Center, Brown University, October 24- November15
Crystallize, New Media Art Lab Korea & UK by iskaiart, Old Billingsgate, London UK 2013.November 4-6

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